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    What you are Going to Learn?

    The entire course consists of 50+ Modules with 100+ Training Hours, & 140+ Hours of Hands-On Assignments. Post completion, you will be eligible for 2 Internships & 10 Certifications.

    1. Introduction To Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is the latest kind of marketing with much less cost and giving a high selection of profit.

    Digital marketing ostensibly refers to marketing with the assistance of advertising through digital stations such as Search Engine Optimization, Email, social networking, Websites and Mobile Apps.

    The development of digital marketing has changed the way business and brands use the internet and technology for marketing. With the development of Digital movement in India, digital platforms are incorporated in marketing and advertising strategies. Folks prefer using digital programs instead of bodily shopping that over all increases the scope and demand of expert digital entrepreneurs due to their exceptional digital marketing campaigns.

    Digital Marketing might be the ideal platform for brands to help them with new awareness. Through digital marketing a multi-communication channel where information might be traded around the world with a single click. Digital platforms have made it easy for their customers to interact virtually.

    Digital marketing approaches include Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization ), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Campaign Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Direct Marketing, Socialmedia Optimization. The possible range of socialmedia is indicated by the very fact that at 2015, each month the face book app had a lot more than 126 million ordinary unique users and YouTube had over 97 million average unique users.

    With the help of digital marketing, we are able to track our opponents in a much simpler manner. Most businesses use social media as its principal tool to develop a channel of advice. It is astonishing how the speed and straight forwardness by the digital media exerts data and encourage a business enterprise. In this age of digital technology, it’s important to have a solid internet presence, combined with a wonderful new that is presented uniformly across all mediums.

    Digital marketing is significantly cost-efficient and more economical as compared to traditional techniques of promotion and marketing. The standard marketing techniques and digital marketing do not operate in exclusion from each other. Say, by way of instance, the organizations do not invest in television or radio adverts, but we’ll provide brochures to someone who’s thinking about our solutions. It appears that a multi channel approach that leverages the special advantages of paper with the convenience and availability of digital will perform well.

    Digital marketing has gotten so powerful network of advertising that together with the introduction of double-click strategy of Google to get internet, the world has come to be very close linking to each and every place handily. With the help of digital marketing, campaigns for promoting any product and service on the world wide web has gotten quite convenient and cost-effective.

    With our guidance, you’ll begin creating a digital marketing program which integrates the key strategic components and uses various digital channels and effort tactics. At the close of the day, you will leave the class feeling allowed to go back to your workplace and subscribe to effective digital decisionmaking.

    2. Domain & Hosting

    3. Website Creation

    Web designing encompasses lots of diverse abilities and areas from the manufacturing and maintenance of sites. The different regions of internet style embrace internet graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised proprietary and code softwere;user experience design;and internet search engine optimisation. Usually a lot of people works in teams covering different aspects of the design process, even though some designers will pay for all of them. The period website design is generally utilized to describe the plan process concerning the front-end (client side) design of a website including markup. Website designing partially dominates web engineering in the wider range of internet development. Web designers area unit Associate in Nursingticipated to possess an awareness of usability and if their role involves making price then they are additionally expected to be current with internet accessibility tips.

    4. E-Commerce

    Ecommerce or Digital Commerce means selling and buying of goods, products, or services online. Ecommerce is also called electronic commerce or online trade. These services provided on the web across the online network. Transaction of money, capital, and data are also considered as e commerce. These business arrangements can be done in several manners: Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), Customer to Customer (C2C), Customer to Business (C2B). The conventional definition of E-commerce is really a commercial transaction. Which is occurred on the web. Online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, Myntra, E Bay, Quikr, Olx are cases of Ecommerce websites. By 2020, global retail e-commerce can reach up to $27 Trillion. Let’s learn in detail concerning what is the pros and cons of E-commerce and its particular types.

    -Advantages of E-Commerce
    :E-commerce provides the vendors using a global reach. They remove the barrier of place . sellers and buyers can meet in the digital world, without the hindrance of location.
    :Electronic commerce will substantially lower the transaction cost. It eliminates many fixed costs of maintaining physical shops. This allows the organizations to savor a much higher margin of profit.
    :It provides quick delivery of goods using hardly any effort on part of their customer. customer complaints may also be dealt quickly. It also saves time, energy and effort for both the consumers as well as the firm.
    :Another great advantage is the convenience it offers. A customer can shop 2-4 ×7. The website is functional at all times, it can not need working hours like a shop.
    :Electronic commerce also enables the customer and the business to be in touch directly, with no intermediaries. This enables quick comunication and also transactions. In addition, it provides a valuable touch.

    -Disadvantages of ecommerce
    :The start-up costs of this ecommerce portal are very significant. The installation of the hardware and the software, the training cost of employees, the constant upkeep and maintenance are all quite pricey.
    :Even though it might appear to be a sure thing, the e-commerce industry has a high possibility of failure. Most businesses riding the dot-com tide of the 2000s have failed . The high risk of failure remains right now.
    :Sometimes, e commerce can really feel impersonal. So that it lacks the warmth of the interpersonal relationship which is crucial for many brands and solutions. This lack of a personal touch is sometimes quite a disadvantage for various types of products such as interior designing or perhaps the jewelry industry.
    :Safety is just another area of concern. Only recently, we’ve seen many security breaches where the information of the customers was stolen. Charge card theft, identity theft etc. remain big concerns with all the clients.
    :Then there are likewise satisfaction problems. Even after that the order is placed there may be issues with delivery, shipping, mix ups etc.. This leaves the clients unhappy and dissatisfied.

    5. Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO )

    As you may know, SEO stands for search engine marketing. However, what does this mean? And what does search engine marketing demand? In a nutshell, search engine optimisation is focused up on acquiring website traffic and high search results positions organically. By all-natural, we mean without paying to get web traffic via payperclick ads, among other methods. Within search engine optimisation, there’s an extensive variety of strategies to accomplish the above goals–a few which can be more effective than the others. This could be such a thing from developing web site content around key words associated with your industry to sustaining a powerful presence across multiple societal media platforms. SEO strategies and practices are constantly shifting to remain effective as internet search engines continuously update algorithms.

    Needless to say, SEO is just as effective since the plans used, and to ascertain the strategies that perform well and those that do not, an SEO strategist (or only plain search engine optimisation ) has to track the success in their strategies through analytics that is accurate. Queue StatCounter! We supply accurate analytics and web site stats for our valued members in order that they are able to make effective decisions concerning where to go using their search engine optimization strategies. Obviously, we also operate to give insightful resources for those looking to look right into SEO. Having said that, let’s look at exactly what search engine optimisation represents, what it entails, and also some essential tips for individuals just getting started.

    6. Google Webmaster

    Google-search Console or Google Webmaster tool may be your spot Google will consult with you if anything goes wrong such as an escalation in 404 pages, crawling mistakes, manual penalties, the increment from 404 pages, malware identified, and so forth. At the event that you do not have a google-search Console account, you should receive you as of this point.
    Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is the essential component for Google to communicate with web site admins (Or web-masters ). Google-search Console or Google web master Tool lets you distinguish difficulties with your webpage and may also update you seeing whether your site has been tainted with malware or maybe not.
    When you get started using Google Webmaster Tool, you might find that you wont really call for some of those additional fancier and more expensive tools, so you generally use for the exact same very purposes.

    7. Google Adwords

    Google Advertising is Google’s internet marketing program. During Google Advertising, you may make online adverts to accomplish people exactly once they are considering the services and products which you offer.

    Google Advertising is something which you may use to publicize your enterprise, promote products , raise awareness, and also increase visitors to your site.
    Google Advertising accounts are all handled on line, and that means that you may make and change your advertising campaign at any given time, together with your advertising text, preferences, and price range.
    There is no minimum spending devotion, also you also place and get a grip on your budget. You decide where your ad looks, decide on a budget which is comfortable for you personally, and readily assess the effects of your own ad.

    8. Google Analytics

    Google analytics can be used to track the site activity of those users such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc. along with the info on the source of the traffic. It might be incorporated with Google Ads, by that users can review online efforts by tracking landing page conversions and quality (goals). Aims may include sales, lead generation, viewing a particular page, or even downloading a specific file. Google-analytics’ solution is to reveal high quality, dashboard-type data to your casual user, and more comprehensive data further into the report set. Google analytics investigation can identify poorly performing pages using methods such as funnel visualization, where visitors originated from (referrers), how long they stayed on the website and their geographic position. In addition, it gives more advanced features, including custom visitor segmentation. Google Analytics e commerce reporting may track sales activity and performance. The ecommerce reports shows a niche site’s transactions, revenue, and many other commerce-related metrics.

    On September 29, 2011, Google Analytics started Real Time analytics, enabling an individual to have insight about visitors currently on the site A user can get 100 blog profiles. It’s restricted to sites which have traffic of over 5 million pageviews a month (roughly two pageviews per minute ) unless the website is linked to a Google Ads campaign. Google-analytics comprises Google Website Optimizer, rebranded as Google Analytics Content Experiments google-analytics Cohort analysis aids in understanding the behavior of component groups of users apart from your user’s population. It is advantageous to analysts and marketers for successful execution of a marketing plan.

    9. Social Media Marketing

    10. Social Media Optimization

    11. Facebook Marketing in Association with Facebook

    12. Email Marketing

    13. Lead Generation (Million Dollar Strategy By Our Expert)

    14. CRM - Customer Relationship Management

    15. Mobile Marketing

    16. Content Marketing & Blogging

    17. Youtube & Vlog

    18. Marketplace Selling

    19. Media Buying & Planing

    20. Influencer Marketing

    21. Drop Shipping

    22. Affiliate Marketing

    23. Adsense & Publishing Platforms

    24. Online Reputation Management

    25. Freelancing

    26. Live Project

    27. Internship

    28. Mentorship

    Benefits of Doing Digital Marketing

    Stepping Skills In Best Institute Recognized by 100+ Companies Around the Globe.
    ~ Over 10 Million Jobs Vacancy,
    ~ Minimum 18K Starting Salary,
    ~ Get 10+ Certificates,
    ~ Become Google Certifed Expert.

    Wait There are More Benefits

    Being Recognized Institute We have a Team of Experts From Google, Facebook, Accenture, IBM, HCL, OYO Etc.
    ~ Start your Business,
    ~ Boost your existing Business,
    ~ Get Million Dollar tips to get more Clients,
    ~ Learn to run Successful Business.

    Certificates you Get

    With Stepping Skills Certification you will also get many certifications to become certified Digital Marketing Professional.

    9 Google Certifications

    These certification exams are conducted online and are free

    HubSpot Marketing Certification

    These are online exams conducted by HubSpot

    Facebook Marketing Certification

    These are online exams conducted by Facebook

    Course Certification

    Stepping Skills Certification is Govt. Approved, ISO Quality Certified, Google, Facebook & Microsoft Partner Certification

    Students Reviews

    Happy students are the bedrock of any strong institute and ours is no exception. Read our Student Reviews.

    Hi, guys, i wanna share my experience with Stepping Skills, the faculty has unbeatable knowledge of Everything. If we're talking about the classes provided by our trainer is just awesome they guide you how to crack interview, how to make great strategies. If you need any type of help for any type of problem they have a solution for all problems they are just like problem solver. Stepping Skills is my inspiration thank you so much team and thank you Stepping Skills. Cheers

    Stepping Skills is a place where you can learn each and every aspect of Diploma Course in a very easy way. They also help you to get placed in good organisations . I would recommend other people also to join Stepping Skills.

    Best Institute in Yamunanagar!!! It was a great experience. The management is very good and they are very friendly and supportive. The facilities are also very nice. Specially the trainer is having very good knowledge with latest technologies and a very good teaching method. I've gained lot of knowledge and have become much more confident because of the training. I'll definitely refer it to everyone.

    Learning at Stepping Skills is a grt experience as the training is quite close to industry standards and the best part is its more of practical sessions and lesser theory.
    Also the trainer is extremely competent and cooperative and explains as per every student's level. Backup classes support is an added advantage.

    I had done MBA but even though studied digital marketing, where at Stepping Skills. Friends & family were like, do you really need to go for this even after being an MBA. I simply followed my interest and joined Stepping Skills. And, Stepping Skills not only helped me to learn digital marketing but the placement team led me get a job with increased package. Now, I am being paid more and is working at a creative place. This was what I had always looked for and Stepping Skills gave me this.

    It's a very Nice Computer institute in Haryana, Nice management and i have wonderful experience with Stepping Skills.
    Thanks Stepping Skills team for giving me the way to explain my self.

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